DMKD 2018 Speakers

Keynote Speaker I


Prof.Henry Hu 

University of Windsor, Canada

Title: Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Squeeze Cast Mg Hybrid Nano Composite 


Magnesium alloy AM60 based metal matrix composites (MMCs) reinforced with alumina (Al2O3) fibres and/or nano-size particles were successfully fabricated by preform-squeeze casting techniques under an applied pressure of 90 MPa. Tensile testing was performed and microstructures were analyzed on squeeze cast unreinforced AM60 Alloy, fibre reinforced AM60 metal matrix composite, and Mg (AM60) hybrid nano composite containing alumina fibres and nano-particles (MHNC). The microstructure analysis revealed the homogeneity of reinforcements in the matrix alloy.  With the addition of fibres, the tensile properties of the fibre-reinforced composites were improved with the considerable reduction of ductility compared with AM60 alloy. The introduction of additional nano-particles into the metal matrix not only significantly improved the tensile properties of the composites, but also simultaneously restored the ductility reduction caused by the reinforcement of fibres.


Dr. Hongfa (Henry) Hu is a tenured full Professor at Department of Mechanical, Automotive & Materials Engineering, University of Windsor.  He was a senior research engineer at Ryobi Die Casting (USA), and a Chief Metallurgist at Meridian Technologies, and a Research Scientist at Institute of Magnesium Technology.

He received degrees from University of Toronto (Ph.D., 1996), University of Windsor (M.A.Sc., 1991), and Shanghai University of Technology (B.A.Sc., 1985). He was a NSERC Industrial Research Fellow (1995-1997). His publications (over 150 papers) are in the area of magnesium alloys, composites, metal casting, computer modelling, and physical metallurgy. He was a Key Reader of the Board of Review of Metallurgical and Materials Transactions, a Committee Member of the Grant Evaluation Group for Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, National Science Foundation (USA) and Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly. He has served as a member or chairman of various committees for CIM-METSOC, AFS, and USCAR.

The applicant’s current research is on materials processing and evaluation of light alloys and composites. His recent fundamental research is focussed on transport phenomena and mechanisms of solidification, phase transformation and dissolution kinetics. His applied research has included development of magnesium automotive applications, cost-effective casting processes for novel composites, and control systems for casting processes. His work on light alloys and composites has attracted the attention of several automotive companies.

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