Call for Papers

Please download the CFP flyer here (Click)

The topics of relevance for the conference papers include but not limited to the following:

Theory of Data Mining

Application of Data Mining

Data processing


Image data mining

Anomaly detection

Agent-based data mining


Human, domain, organizational and social factors in data mining

Cyber-security analysis

Scalable data preprocessing

Feature extraction and selection

Parallel and distributed data mining algorithms

Fraud and risk analysis

Methodologies on large-scale data mining

Environmental data

High performance data mining algorithms

Natural Language and Images

Novel models and algorithms

Competitive analysis of mining algorithms

OLAP and data mining

Data mining systems in finance and e-commerce

Opinion mining and sentiment analysis

Text data mining

Parallel, distributed, and cloud-based high performance data mining

Web mining

Post-processing including quality assessment and validation

Video data mining

Privacy preserving data mining

Multimedia data mining

Security and intrusion detection

Statistical methods for data mining

Theoretic foundations

Ubiquitous knowledge discovery

Visual data mining